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Nanopoulos & Partners is a boutique financial advisory firm, supporting development and economic growth. Our core expertise is in the area of financial planning, taxation, wealth management and real estate. We ensure the safety of wealthy companies and individuals, while weighting risks and supporting wealth creation promoting joint ventures and startup businesses.

Our Assets
Founded in 2000, TaxExperts is one of the most recognized tax-brands in the Greek market and the flagship of Nanopoulos & Partners business operations.
GoldGreece offers marketing real estate and other investment opportunities in the most naturally gifted country in Europe.
An online tool for property appraisal using our unique, tailor-made for the Greek standards, valuation algorithm.
An online free tool for calculating property taxes in Greece.
We are proud of being Greeks and we trust that Greece will gain its power in the worldwide financial and political arena.
Some quality projects are under development.


We invest,
we develop,
we dislike stagnancy,
we support innovation
We strongly believe that when a country is undergoing major reforms, it also provides a fertile ground for profitable opportunities and investments provided that...


For any complicated tax matter
there is always the right solution
Taking into account the complexity of tax law and the rigorous legal framework, it is crucial to be well informed on the procedures and receive responsible...

Real Estate

Where some see complicated real
estate issues, we see investment
Given the difficulty to identify buying opportunities and selecting the best region and residence type, property selection should be based on the buyer's...


Tech, tech, tech.
Yeah Tech!
Our firm has been working in e-commerce, mobile applications, multimedia, online media, gaming, 3dprinting, ERP Systems and various software development projects....